House Concurrent Resolution HCR 34: Responsible Marijuana Research

Rep. Danny Bentley

HCR 34 actually delayed marijuana legalization, urging instead the expedited research and appropriate approval of marijuana derivatives for medical use. Bill sponsor Dr. Bentley, a PhD, registered pharmacist and university faculty member explained that several marijuana derivatives are currently approved and available by prescription, with others likely to be legalized soon. He warned the legislature about circumventing the FDA to legalize a smoked plant because it has not been adequately studied.

With the mob-like frenzy moving across the nation to legalize recreational marijuana and medical marijuana, Rep. Bentley, a PhD and registered pharmacist, stepped forward to bring some common sense to the debate. Though HCR 34 only passed the House (on Jan. 24 with a vote of 73-5) and never succeeded in the Senate, it made it clear that pharmaceuticals should NOT be approved by a legislature or by lobbying efforts, but in the lab and with clinical trials. As a result, no “marijuana legalization bills” passed in 2018.

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