Historic bills will be filed. Let your voice be heard!

Fearing a one-issue challenger, legislators often wait to share the bills about which they are most passionate until after the filing deadline. Who would want to pick up a challenger on a single issue?

That said, there are a number of rumblings around Frankfort that suggest this could be a very productive Session. Certainly one with intense debates.

An adoption reform bill is likely to be offered. Kentucky has too many children waiting for families . . . and every child needs a Mom and a Dad.

More pro-life bills are expected.

There is talk about a Student Right of Privacy Act that would grant ALL students the right of privacy in rest rooms, locker rooms and shower rooms. That’s a new approach compared to the “bathroom bill” model. Yes, students could not be mixed as boys and girls in areas of undress, but it reaches for a higher principle – privacy for all.

There is talk about a bill that would protect churches and religious schools from having to get involved with all the LGBT issues, since churches and religious schools don’t embrace such life-styles. Simply a “Live and Let Live” bill that would challenge the “tolerance” folks to be tolerant of other’s religious convictions.

And several gambling bills are likely to be rolled out after Jan. 30. Expect all kinds of them: casinos bills, sports betting, and casinos at race tracks, etc.

The most important thing to remember is that YOU play a role. Step out in faith and make your calls – you and your friends will truly move mountains.

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