Happy Birthday, Justice Ginsburg!

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg celebrated her 85th birthday last month on March 15. This August she will celebrate her 25th anniversary of service on the U.S. Supreme Court. Clearly, some point out that her 25 years of service have actually been a disservice to the plain meaning of the Constitution.

The Family Foundation genuinely wishes Justice Ginsburg a long and happy life in retirement (which we hope will begin soon). But Justice Ginsberg is not the only justice that is rising in years: On July 23, Justice Anthony Kennedy will celebrate his 82nd birthday. A few weeks later on Aug. 15, Justice Stephen Breyer will turn 80.

With one or two more Supreme Court appointments like Justice Gorsuch, President Trump could fundamentally transform the Court and our country. That thought, of course, is predicated on the concept that his Party will retain control of the Senate to confirm such nominees.

These above-mentioned judicial realities make the 2018 election cycle more than just “legislative” this year. In some sense, it will be an election of the U.S. Supreme Court.

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