Greg and Ami Williams author book to strengthen marriages with Biblical wisdom

A NEW book from Love & Lordship

The exposition of scripture and the illustrations from scripture underpin the content of the book at every turn of a page . . .Dr. Ken Idleman, President, Ozark Christian College (1979 – 2006)

“Like a vitamin supplement, ‘The Authority of Love’ is packed with Biblical truth and wisdom that every family should have at its disposal.”
Kent Ostrander, The Family Foundation

“Greg’s book is indeed, a ‘wake up call for the modern-day American church’ . . . “ Bob Russell, Senior Minister (Retired), Southeast Christian Church (Louisville)

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The AUTHORITY of LOVE will challenge and encourage you in your walk with The Lord, your marriage, family and in His Church.

The CITIZEN recently caught up with husband and wife team, Greg and Ami Williams, authors of the soon to be released The AUTHORITY of LOVE. The CITIZEN sat down with them to find out more about them and their intriguingly titled book.

CITIZEN: First of all, tell us about you two.

Ami and Greg: “Thanks for the opportunity to share and introduce folks to our first book and help them get to know a little about us. We met in church just over 32 years ago, dated for nearly two years, were engaged for one year, and married on June 1, 1991.”

CITIZEN: Neither of you look old enough to be married for nearly 30 years. What’s your secret?

Ami: “Thanks! Every woman loves to hear that! The simple answer is a marriage and family blessed by the presence and peace of God. We made a point from the first date that Christ would be foremost in our lives and relationship.”

Greg: “Yes, thanks! Some days I feel I could still dunk a basketball. Some days not so much! I called Ami two days after meeting her and asked her to help me chaperone middle schoolers from church to a water park. We had a great time so I asked her out. Our first official date was August 14, 1988. In her driveway that night I said to her, ‘We’re going to do this God’s way, and one of three things will happen: You will either think . . .’

1) ‘Yeah, right, another so-called Christian guy claiming moral purity.’ Or

2) ‘We’ll make it a few months and you’ll wonder if I’m really attracted to you if

we’re not having sex; then you’ll either commit to the relationship or not.’ Or

3) ‘We do this God’s way, get married, and enjoy His blessings!’

We chose #3, and honored The Lord and each other. That laid the foundation for God to bless our marriage, family, walk, and ministry, as you’ll see in this book.”

CITIZEN: Great story and perfect segue, “What is the book about and why write it?”

Greg: “I’m the author and Ami is the editor so it was another work of The Lord to bring it together. The book itself is a result of our walk in Christ and 25+ years of ministry and discipleship. As I taught, The Lord began to open doors for events, mentoring, and discipleship. I’ve been asked many times, ‘Do you have books and videos?’ My answer was always, ‘The Lord has not yet allowed me to create those resources.’ Now He has.”

Ami: “Greg has taught, counseled, mentored, and discipled hundreds of men, couples and families since we’ve been married. The responses and outcomes have been favorable as he always points people to God’s truths. The results are only what The Lord could bring about.”

CITIZEN: Tell our readers about the core message of The AUTHORITY of LOVE.

Ami: “On our first date, Greg made it clear that Christ had his whole being—heart, soul, and body. I’ve experienced that in our marriage and family. You’ll find it on every page of this book to help you, your marriage, family, and church.”

Greg: “In John 13 we see Jesus modeling and sharing love and authority as essentially inseparable in His Kingdom. Unfortunately, that’s not the case in our culture or many churches. The title gives insight into a message that we pray makes this a reality in lives, families, and churches. I’ll let the book speak for itself.”

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