Governor Beshear’s overreach on marijuana threatens our form of government

Beshear seeks to void Kentucky law by preemptively issuing a blanket pardon for anyone who breaks the law in a way he approves.

On November 15, Governor Beshear signed an executive order meant to enable Kentuckians with certain conditions to use “medical” marijuana.

Although news headlines claimed Beshear legalized medical marijuana, the reality is that marijuana possession remains illegal within the Commonwealth. Beshear has merely declared preemptively that he will issue a blanket pardon to law breakers; that he will get them off the hook for their unlawful behavior.

Beshear’s order is an attempt to effectively void a law he is sworn to enforce.

The Kentucky General Assembly is currently having an active debate about the merits and risks of “medical” marijuana. The people’s elected lawmakers have rightly expressed great concern as more scientific research emerges and the societal cost of marijuana legalization becomes more evident.

It is on the basis of that current research, including the degree of uncertainty on some claims, that The Family Foundation opposes legalization at this time.

Yet the democratic process has been usurped by a single individual who believes himself to be above the law and is willing to substitute his own personal judgment for the reasoned deliberations of the people’s elected lawmakers.

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