Gov. Beshear’s “Covid-19 / abortion” problem

He may genuinely care for the health of many, but like most “pro-choicers,” he’s blind to the abortion carnage. Sadly, numbers don’t lie.

There is only so long that you can continue to lament the loss of some life while ignoring the loss of other life on a much greater scale. That is what Gov. Beshear has been trying to do for over six months during the “Covid crisis.”

Here is his problem: The abortion crisis has many more than twice the deaths and more than seven times the number of “Years of Life” lost: Covid deaths – 1,108 Abortion – 2,373

That is particularly problematic when everyone is aware that the Covid crisis will at some point go away and, of course, there is no real end in sight to abortion.

Worse, Gov. Beshear has also lamented the racial “inequalities” regarding Covid, but statistics are far more slanted when it comes to abortion: State statistics show 13 percent of Covid deaths are Black, but so are 30 percent of the abortions.

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