Dr. Ryan Anderson defines “trans moment”

He described the “transgender moment” as this brief period in history when irrational agendas overrule sound medical practice.

transgender moment may turn out to be fleeting, but that doesn’t mean we should expect it to fade away on its own,” said Dr. Ryan Anderson on Feb. 11 at Buck Run Baptist Church in Frankfort. “We need to insist on telling the truth, and on preventing lives from being irreparably damaged.”

The Family Foundation was pleased to host Dr. Anderson, the William E. Simon senior research fellow at The Heritage Foundation, and the founder and editor of Public Discourse, the online journal of the Witherspoon Institute of Princeton. He is the author of When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment and Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom, and is the co-author of What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense and Debating Religious Liberty and Discrimination.

Dr. Anderson’s research has been cited by two U.S. Supreme Court justices, Justice Samuel Alito and Justice Clarence Thomas, in two Supreme Court cases. He received his bachelor of arts degree from Princeton University, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude, and he received his doctoral degree in political philosophy from Notre Dame.

Dr. Anderson cautioned against those who rush to judgment and desire to “change” children with artificial efforts: “So doctors have no reliable way of knowing whether a particular child is among the 5 to 20 percent who will persist in transgender identification into adulthood or among the 80 to 95 percent who will eventually come to identify with their bodies.”

Senate Bill 114, the “Save Women’s Sports” Act, and House Bill 321, the “Protect Children’s Health” Act, both directly respond to the transgender agenda. SB 114 keeps biological men from competing in women’s sports and HB 321 bans the various surgeries and medicinal treatments on children under the age of 18 that will render children permanently infertile.

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