“Constitutional Amendment needed,” says family spokesman

Frankfort, KY – The House Licensing and Occupations Committee today passed out HB 137, the sports wagering bill in a unanimous vote. “We’re not surprised,” said Martin Cothran, spokesman  for The Family Foundation. “The L&O Committee has never met a piece of gambling legislation it didn’t like.”

Cothran pointed out that The Family Foundation knew the bill would be approved by committee, but testified anyway, to make the points it will make as the bill moves on into unfriendlier territory.

“The chairman of the committee admitted to a reporter last year that the committee was ‘stacked’,” said Cothran.

“We made the point that sports wagering is expanded gambling and that in order to change the restrictions on expanded gambling, they would need to change the Kentucky Constitution. This bill just flouts it. It is an unconstitutional bill.”

“We don’t believe this bill will make it through the legislative process because of the constitutional questions,” said Cothran.

Cothran’s testimony is available HERE.


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