CITIZEN: The “Church is Essential Act” reinforces that the Governor is not over the church.

COVID-19 pandemic saw emergency powers used to target churches, but also revealed how essential churches are to our communities.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, unfortunately, the Commonwealth of Kentucky witnessed Gov. Beshear use his emergency powers which ultimately led to the church and religious organizations being discriminated against. The “Church is Essential Act” (HB 43) ensures that will never happen again.

This discrimination was distinctly seen in the verity of the church being forced to close down all the while secular businesses were allowed to remain open, like convenience and liquor stores. Even abortion mills remained open.

Gov. Beshear’s discrimination against the church got so serious that he banned in-person worship services and terrorized the faithful by exclaiming criminal penalties would be enforced on those who gathered as a church.

Furthermore, Gov. Beshear directed Kentucky State Police to take note of individuals’ license plates who didn’t adhere to his unjust order, so that those who refused to comply could be held accountable. Notices left on attendee’s cars even threatened to release the information to the public.

To battle against this unfair discrimination against the church, Rep. Shane Baker filed House Bill 43, the “Church is Essential Act.”

With the help of The Family Foundation, the “Church is Essential Act” was overwhelmingly passed in this year’s legislative session and was ultimately signed into law by the Governor.

Now, Kentuckians’ right to freely gather together in worship and exercise their faith is protected by law, and never again can the Governor’s emergency powers be used to discriminate against the church and other religious organizations.

Thankfully, now Kentucky law upholds the Biblical reality that the Governor is not the shepherd of the church, Jesus alone is (John 10:10-16).

In addition, this law also with clarity reveals that the Governor is not the pastor of the church and has no authority on leading or giving direction to the church, as this is the role of those in the pastoral office (1 Timothy 5:17-18).

The body of Christ in Kentucky can now gather and fulfill their God-given mandate to assemble together to worship our Lord (Hebrews 10:25) without fear of unnecessary government intrusion camouflaged in the name of the Governor’s “emergency powers.”

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