CITIZEN: “Help Not Harm”: The Family Foundation joins effort to stop transgender experiments on kids

“We must take a stand to protect our children from the dangerous transgender agenda. Minors should not be sterilized, mutilated, and left to deal with the regret that may follow. We stand with all who believe that children deserve Help Not Harm, and we call on lawmakers in Kentucky to help lead the fight.”

— David Walls
Director of Operations & Policy for The Family Foundation


Children wishing they had a different body should absolutely get the help they need when they find themselves wishing they had a different body. Thankfully, we know that the vast majority of children (80-95%) who are currently struggling will come to reconcile with their biological sex by adulthood—if they aren’t pushed to transition.

Unfortunately, transgender activists and their allies tell these vulnerable children to “be yourself” EXCEPT change your body chemistry, change or amputate healthy body parts, and change your appearance with surgery.

Children aren’t ready to make big, life-altering decisions. Why would we encourage them to stop puberty, take cross-sex hormones, face potential sterility, and even prepare to permanently amputate or alter healthy body parts?

Adding insult to injury, transition as a form of “treatment” for minors is experimental and puberty blockers are being used off-label.

There is no robust evidence about the long-term effects of transition on minors. Recently, stories are emerging about the long-term physical and psychological consequences some individuals are suffering.

There is no solid data that “transitioning” reduces the risk of suicide. In fact, there might be growing evidence that those things actually increase the risk.

Body dysmorphia is real and unimaginably painful. Depression, anxiety, and any number of other mental health challenges are real. The awkwardness of puberty and the social dynamics of adolescence are undeniably frustrating.

For every one of these challenges, children need compassion and, often, a good counselor. But telling children to alter their bodies radically and irreversibly is not an answer to any of these challenges. It’s a dangerous experiment, and it must stop now.

It is time for Kentucky’s legislators to ensure that harmful, dangerous, experimental gender transition procedures become unthinkable within the Commonwealth.

Let’s help, not harm our kids!

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