CITIZEN: Attempts to re-legalize abortion & attack pro-life laws must be opposed to uphold human dignity.

SB 99 would extensively and thoroughly weaken many of KY’s lifesaving laws, allow discrimination, and greatly expand abortion.

Threatens Numerous Pro-Life Laws

SB 99 attacks the foundation of all pro-life laws by promoting discrimination and treating some preborn children as unworthy of protection. KY’s pro-life laws would be extensively weakened; including protections for preborn children who have a heartbeat, are capable of feeling pain, are late-term, and are viable. Lifesaving informed consent, ultrasound, parental consent, and spousal notification laws would also be weakened.

Makes It Difficult to Enforce Pro-Life Laws

SB 99 creates a rebuttable presumption that physicians performing abortions are doing so under a lawful exception, no matter how unlikely that is.

Sows Confusion & Doubt Through Deceptive Definitions

SB 99 deceitfully presents the removal of a “dead unborn fetus,” ectopic preg- nancy, or “incomplete miscarriage” as an abortion. But that is blatantly false.

Why We Oppose SB 99

  1. Re-legalizes Abortion
  2. Legalizes & Promotes Discrimination
  3. Undermines the Premise of All Pro-Life Laws
  4. Interferes w/ Enforcement of Pro-Life Protections
  5. Allows Taxpayer-Funded Abortion & Referrals

Encourage your KY legislators To support Bills pROTECTING BOTH MOMS & BABIES!

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