Cannabis must be fully researched – CALL!

House Concurrent Resolution 5 (HCR 5) calls on the FDA to properly study cannabis, just like it does all other medications.

ALL of the herbs and grasses of the field, and ALL of the shrubs and trees have been given to man to use and develop for his benefit. Cannabis is one of those plants. The question of the day in the 2019 Session of the General Assembly is: “Will it be used “by man” for benefit or harm?

Advocates for the legaliza-tion of marijuana – both recreational and medicinal – have plenty of stories about how it “helped this” or “alleviated that.”

And the fact is that every one of those stories MAY be true.

However, those opposed to its legalization – both recreational and medicinal – point to their own stories and studies that indicate it there are harmful side effects associated with its use, particularly with its regular use. Every one of those stories MAY also be true.

The problem in Frankfort revolves around how to get to the place everyone wants to be: That is, “How can we get the ‘good’ out of the cannabis plant without getting any of the ‘bad’?”

House Concurrent Resolution 5 (HCR 5), sponsored by Rep. Danny Bentley (R-Russell), is likely the answer. For years, marijuana could not be easily studied because it was a “scheduled” drug.

Therefore, it was difficult to get both grant money and enough of the plant (legally) to conduct credible studies. With “medical marijuana” now legal in some states, more studies are being done. HCR5 calls for the FDA to expedite research and approval of cannabis, and have it refined and dosed like all other proposed medicines.

By doing this, doctors will have clear information regarding drug interactions, contra-indications, required doses and the most effective way to administer it.

Lawmakers have been put in difficult position – balancing the demand for possible help for some difficult cases while also seeking to do no harm.

“If ‘medical marijuana’ is legalized,” said Joyce Ostrander, policy analyst for The Family Foundation, “people will be smoking, eating or vaping the plant – not just the effective, refined ingredient. There will be no FDA oversight and no incentive for pharmaceutical companies to invest in developing safe and effective compounds.”

As much as ‘big pharma’ has been blamed for the opioid crisis, if “medical marijuana’ is legalized, when harm occurs it is unlikely growers will be held liable. Furthermore, people truly in need of new therapies will not be offered cannabis medications, but instead will be faced with the choice to use pot or some product that has not gone through FDA approval.

A resolution similar to HCR 5 passed the House of Representatives in 2018 but stalled in the Senate. This year, HCR 5 passed its House committee unanimously.

Call the Message Line at 1-800-372-7181 and leave this message for “all the Senators from my county” and “copy this message to Senate President Stivers and Pro-Tem David Givens.” “Please pass House Concurrent Resolution 5 in order to study cannabis (marijuana) properly.”

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