Call Now

Call 800-372-7181 to let YOUR voice be heard!

Simply ask to leave a message for your legislators and they’ll take care of the rest.

Step 1

Call 800-372-7181

Step 2

Ask to leave a message for the legislators in your county.

Step 3

Tell them the bill number or issue you would like to leave a message about.

Step 4

Tell them how YOU would like YOUR legislators to vote.

YOU Can Have An Impact!

Your call to the Legislative Message Line should take about one minute. (TIP: Only discuss one bill or issue per call.) It takes less time and is easier than ordering a pizza! You’re only leaving a message for your legislators with a receptionist – don’t be afraid, you don’t have to be a debater, just a message giver.

Here are a few tips making it easy:

BE KIND – You can be firm, but be polite. Your legislator wants to hear from you (your vote is important to them), so do not give a reason to ignore your message by having a bad attitude.

BE DIRECT – You do not have to have the bill number, particularly in the early stages of the Session when bill numbers have not all been assigned. Just state clearly what you want done.