Cake case underscores religious freedom

LEXINGTON, KY – “The government should not violate anyone’s sincerely held religious beliefs,” said a spokesman for The Family Foundation in response to today’s Supreme Court ruling, Masterpiece Cakeshop, in favor of a Colorado baker who declined to create a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding.

The Court ruled in favor of Jack Phillips, the bakery owner, on the grounds that there was explicit animus on the part of the civil rights commission that initially heard the case. “This was a classic case of a government body abusing its power in discriminating against someone’s religious beliefs on the basis of hostility to religion,” said spokesman Martin Cothran.

“This should send a signal to local and state human rights commissions that they cannot practice hostility toward religious businesses and individuals. The First Amendment explicitly protects the free exercise of religion against actions by the government, even something as small as creating a cake.

“Cases like this illustrate the need for further elaborations of these protections in state law. In the name of tolerance, there is an increasing hostility among left-wing political groups to persecute people who don’t tow their party line on issues having to do with family and sexuality.”

The Family Foundation said the ruling underscores the need to ensure that state and local governments do not discriminate against sincerely held religious beliefs.

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