Born Alive Infant Protection Act – Senate Bill 9

By Sen. Whitney Westerfield: This bill protects infants who are born alive from being denied nourishment and reasonable medical care. SB 9 would apply to infants born alive after an attempted abortion and also to infants who may be born with medical complications or who are not wanted by their parents. (This bill passed the full Senate and its House Committee in 2019 but died for lack of time.)

Advocates say: All human life must be protected. There are cases across the nation where infants born alive after abortion attempts have been allowed to starve to death and denied any care. In addition, there are documented instances where infants born with medical complications are not given adequate nutrition to survive. No child should be intentionally starved to death.

Opponents say: This is just another example of the government inserting itself between a woman and her doctor. We have enough unwanted children and should not force medical staff to care for babies that have medical problems or were intended to be aborted. Once again conservatives are trying to force their values on everyone else.

Prospect of Passage: Calls are always needed, but this bill should pass both Chambers with big margins. Who is FOR denying help and letting a baby die?

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