Beshear & KY Dept. of Ed. trample parental rights with LGBTQ pronoun “guidance” for kids

The Beshear administration's actions undermine parents' fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their children.

Gov. Beshear’s administration is taking a page right out of the Biden administration’s playbook and implementing it right here in Kentucky’s schools. The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) has created an LGBTQ “toolkit” that promotes radical sexual ideology (like the “genderbread person”) and tramples parental rights. This “guidance” applies to and pressures all of Kentucky’s public schools.

The publication from the KDE clearly highlights the fact that it is unacceptable to refuse compliance with the mandates given based on the radical LGBTQ agenda.

This action reveals that the Beshear administration is absolutely determined to coerce teachers and indoctrinate public school children to adhere to the unreasonable and illogical philosophy of the LGBTQ movement.

Another disturbing facet of the document released by the KDE is the unquestionable attack that the department is launching on parental rights. The guidelines given in the resource are an attempt to subvert parental authority which should be supreme in a child’s life as his or her parents know what is best for them.

Anderson County Public Schools recently implemented this guidance and suspended a staff member who blew the whistle after his concerns were ignored. The Family Foundation advocated for parental rights at a local community gathering and school board meeting.

The KDE is endeavoring to force upon children the LGBTQ worldview, all the while keeping their parents in the dark. Thus, stripping parents of the right to exhibit authority over their children and ensure that what their children are being taught is true.

With this action, Beshear is undermining parental authority and assaulting parents’ rights in every public school. Parents’ rights must be protected as fundamental by the KY General Assembly or situations such as this one will only continue to take place.

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