CITIZEN: After “legalizing” slot machines, gambling advocates push further expansion with sports.

The never-satisfied gambling industry and its advocates in the Kentucky General Assembly continue to push sports betting

Rep. Koenig and Sen. Thayer have made it publicly known that they want to enact sports betting in Kentucky, and Koenig said he will introduce a bill to do so this Session.

Koenig, who has sponsored multiple bills to legalize sports betting and helped lead the charge on the “legalization” of the historical horse racing slot gaming, admits that “voting ‘no’ on anything gambling is a safe vote, especially if you’re Republican and have to face a Republican primary.”

Kentucky’s legislators need to understand that the voters they represent want them to enact God-honoring public policy based on biblical principles so that their communities and families benefit. The voters do not want legislators to prioritize the fat wallets of the gambling industry over them.

Legislators must understand that gambling targets the family, businesses lose, the government is corrupted, and the vulnerable are destroyed. The cost is too high… even if it resulted in a few deposits to the General Fund.

In the background of this year’s renewed push to legalize sports betting, is last year’s bloody battle “legalizing” historical horse racing slot gaming with an unconstitutional bill. But gambling advocates aren’t satisfied and will keep demanding for more.

The only way to stop it, is for YOU (the voter) to make your voice heard.

Talking Points

  • The Family is targeted
    • Gambling doesn’t create new wealth, it only shifts money from the hands of the family and into the hands of the gambling industry.
  • Athletes become pawns and targets
    • Athletes in Kentucky have already received death threats by gamblers who lost money.
  • Government will be corrupted
    • Our 10+ year court case and the General Assembly’s claim to redefine “pari-mutuel” evidences this truth.
  • The Vulnerable will be destroyed
    • Financial loss is the beginning of a tragedy for the most vulnerable.

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