Abortion in Kentucky

Abortion on demand is a high priority of both father and son.

It has been a long time in coming, but finally the Steve Beshear family is achieving what it has wanted for decades — the establishment of an abortion-providing Planned Parenthood in Kentucky. Late in March, during the COVOD-19 crisis, the clinic opened… Read More

On April 24th, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear chose to veto pro-life Senate Bill 9.

His veto was shocking in its disregard for the overwhelming bipartisan majority of lawmakers that had voted for its passage. Gov. Beshear also refused to honor the wishes of more than 11,000 Kentuckians who petitioned him not to veto… Read More

Notorious Planned Parenthood Operative Impacting IN and KY

Caught on video discussing sell of fetal body parts & facing allegations of illegal abortions… now the Medical Director of Louisville’s Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

The Family Foundation and 35 Legislators Ask For Investigation

Testimony, under oath, suggests UofL may be illegally involved in the performance of abortions.

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Despite UofL president’s denial, Dr. Tanya E. Franklin (Associate Professor at the UofL School of Medicine and Director of UofL’s Ryan Family Planning Program)
According to Dr. Bergin, UofL School of Medicine professor and EMW Women’s Surgical Center abortionist, the minimum cost of a surgical abortion at EMW
The lead surgical abortionist at EMW examined the state laws and determined that UofL is not considered a state government facility, thus allowing it
In February 2020, UofL’s “Grand Rounds” (a prestigious lecture series presented to medical staff in teaching hospitals) featured an abortionist whose clinic was guilty
Kentucky law prohibits public agency funds from being used for the purpose of obtaining an abortion… precisely what UofL’s Ryan Residency is about.
Whether or not UofL has violated the letter of Kentucky law pertaining to abortion, they have certainly violated the spirit of the law.

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