Family group says cartoons are not live horse racing

LEXINGTON, KY–An attorney for The Family Foundation made the case in Franklin Circuit Court today that gambling machines now featured at four of Kentucky’s horse racing tracks that show cartoons of horse races do not constitute “live horse racing,” the only kind of parimutuel gambling allowed under Kentucky Law.

The Family Foundation has been contesting the legality of slot machines which show images of horse races and maintaining that they involve neither parimutuel gambling nor actual horse racing, as required by law. The case made its way up to the Kentucky Supreme Court, which remanded it back to the original trial court so that The Family Foundation could ask questions and present evidence, something it was not allowed to do in the original trial.

“We have now entered the Alice in Wonderland phase of this case,” said Martin Cothran, spokesman for The Family Foundation. “Words have no meaning, and reality is turned upside down, and cartoons of horse races constitute live horse racing.”

Stan Cave, the group’s attorney, said that he could understand why the Supreme Court could say that a replay of an event could be deemed a live broadcast, but a cartoon of an event could not even conceivably be deemed a live horse race. “A cartoon is not a horse race,” he said.

He also pointed out that the racing industry’s own expert witness had refused to acknowledge that the animated video on the machines now being used at tracks could be considered a live horse race.

The motion for summary judgment is expected to be ruled upon by the judge in a matter of days.

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