About Us

Kent Ostrander – Executive Director
We believe that family is critically important. It’s the cornerstone of any society. It’s the building block of any culture. Mom and Dad represent the first government ever created on Earth and the first government any child will ever see. They form a nest that will shape and direct and create and recreate the future of that culture in the children that they care for. It’s our goal that every elected official, every appointed official, that every judge before he rules would think first, “What will this ruling do to the family?” Before every legislator votes, he will think, “What does this vote do for the family?” And before every governor initiates an executive order, he will hold himself accountable, thinking, “What impact will this have on the family?” The Family Foundation is committed to the health of Kentucky families. It’s committed to Kentucky’s future.

P.O. Box 911111 Lexington, KY 40591 859-255-5400 info@kentuckyfamily.org