The Costs of a “Sexually Free” Society

C.S. Lewis wrote of “the great cataract of nonsense that pours from the press and the microphone of our age.” Society’s obsession with pornography is that “great cataract” in our day and time. We seem blind to the pathetic outcomes surrounding us. Healthy relationships and sexuality go together…dysfunctional sexuality and broken relationships also go together. The horrific legacy we are creating, all in pursuit of a “sexually free” society, has a very high price tag.

Once again the “sexual freedom” monster has reared its ugly head! Recently it was the Ashley Madison hack. The hackers reported their next target…porn-site visitors.  The mainstream media didn’t linger long on the “digital sex trade debacle” as we know sex sells.  I guess “bad sex” doesn’t sell nearly as well.

As it turns out we may not need the hackers to follow through with their threats. TIME (front cover), The Washington Post and The New York Times recently carried stories regarding the outcomes associated with pornography.

As the former director of Heritage of Kentucky (we offered a highly successful Abstinence until Marriage program called Heritage Keepers (HK)), one of the main issues that we addressed was the negative impact of porn across our culture. Nowhere is that more prevalent than in the curriculum and programs of Planned Parenthood. They disguise pornography as “education” and promote it with the nearly unfettered aid of today’s liberal media and government-supported programs…our tax dollars at work.

The HK program pointed out the short- and long-term ill effects of pornography with supporting scientific evidence. The damage, while very real and difficult to overcome in fully-grown adults, is even more devastating in teen and young adult’s developing minds and their future relationships, as TIME pointed out in their cover article.

As time has passed the horrific consequences on lives, minds and relationships, especially marriages and families, have come to pass.  We are reaping the whirlwind in our homes and across our culture and society!

If government and media were truthful about the “free sex agenda” (referred to as “safe sex education”) and pornography, as they have been with the tobacco cover up, our children and future families would benefit greatly. They have, at least to this point, been complicit in the cover up and promotion of the “porn as education” agenda to our children.  This has made inevitable the current state of our pornified culture and its devastating consequences…personally, relationally and socially.

As mentioned earlier, that may be changing. As they say, “the proof’s in the pudding.” It is very encouraging to see the media willing to speak the truth on the issue of pornography and its overwhelmingly negative impact on society. The articles in TIME, The Washington Post and The New York Times have all recently brought this issue to light. (NOTE: These articles do not make the connection between porn and “safe sex education”…but it is very real with plenty of evidence to support it.)

BreakPoint’s Eric Metaxas had a great summary article entitled “Swearing Off Smut” focused in particular on Time’s cover piece. Hopefully, the willingly complicit will be exposed, justly indicted and held accountable!  Those blinded to this issue will now see and those who have stood firm will continue to do so!

As we often said in Heritage Keepers, “It’s never too late to start…or start over.”  It may take a lot of work, but from the testimonies in the mainstream articles, it is worth it.

A “sexually free” society is proving to be very costly. Each of us leaves a legacy…we do not get a choice in this. But we do get to choose what kind of legacy we will leave.


Greg Williams is the Director of the Kentucky Marriage Movement which offers events for your church, group and community to enrich marriages, encourage those in crisis, and promote mentoring to help build strong, healthy homes and communities of trust and caring for others—starting with your spouse. Contact Greg ( or 859.255.5400) if your organization or group would like to schedule an event.  Scheduling for Summer/Fall 2016 and Winter/Spring 2017.

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