The Family Foundation supports Bevin action on school bathrooms

LEXINGTON, KY–“Attorney General Andy Beshear seems to have something other than the best interests of Kentuckians at heart,” said a spokesman for The Family Foundation today after Gov. Matt Bevin had to take unilateral action to defend Kentucky schools against the Obama administration’s recent dictate requiring schools to comply with newly-minted left-wing gender theories on bathroom and locker room facilities. The action was taken after it became clear that Beshear was not going to take any action himself to protect Kentucky schools.

“We are thankful that we have a governor who is joining with other states to defend the right of local schools to figure out their own policies on bathroom and locker room facilities without the unwelcome and unhelpful intervention of politically-motivated federal bureaucrats,” said Martin Cothran, spokesman for the group.

The Family Foundation recently joined with organizations in 35 other states calling on the U.S. Congress to take action to prevent the federal government from imposing its politically correct views of gender on every school in the country.

Cothran compared Beshear’s inaction with his predecessor Jack Conway’s refusal to defend Kentucky’s Constitution during the marriage debate. “It is part of Beshear’s job to protect the integrity of Kentucky’s governmental institutions. Instead, he wants to spend his time on partisan investigations of his political rivals in other parts of government. Could someone please give the man a job description to remind him what he is supposed to do?”

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