Family group opposes federal intrusion into privacy

LEXINGTON, KY–The Family Foundation has joined with 35 other organizations to issue a statement calling on the U.S. Congress to rein in the Obama Administration’s attempt to micromanage the bathroom policies of local schools by unilaterally redefining sex in federal guidelines covering the use of school facilities.

“This is just the latest instance of the political left bypassing the normal rules of democratic governance everyone else has to comply with in order to impose its own political agenda,” said Martin Cothran, spokesman for the group.

The letter requests that Congress pass legislation curtailing the administration’s action as well as prior actions redefining the term “sex,” as well as legislation protecting student privacy and safety, and reassuring parents that their schools will not lose federal funding. It also calls on Congress to investigate the process by which the administration issued the “guidance” and to withhold funding for the order.

“Just because you are a liberal politician doesn’t mean you are above the law and can simply change existing laws on a whim,” said Cothran, “particularly when it involves redefining human nature. We are happy to join in this statement calling on political leaders to send a message to an administration that needs to better understand that there are clear limits on power in our form of government.”

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