Federal government has no business in school bathrooms

LEXINGTON, KY–“The federal government has no business forcing the increasingly absurd dictates of gender ideology on every school in this country,” said a spokesman for The Family Foundation in response to today’s announcement that the Obama administration is now requiring all schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match their chosen gender identity regardless of who else may be using the facilities.

“We are now fondly remembering the days when liberals talked about the evils of imposing your morality on other people,” said Martin Cothran. “Now they are doing it with impunity and engaging in the political equivalent of bullying in the process.”

The Obama administration has reinterpreted anti-discrimination law that has nothing to do with the issue of transgenderism to match its position on the beliefs of the new gender ideology, said Cothran. “The Obama administration has a responsibility to enforce the law, but it doesn’t have the right to change it and then impose that change on every school in the country.”

Cothran said that parents should have the right, through their local schools and elected state lawmakers, to make policy that affects the safety of their children. “Local schools are doing just fine without the federal government dictating their bathroom and locker room policies.”

“We cannot continue to change school policies every time a new gender idea is invented. The discussion among some of the people pushing this increasingly absurd agenda is now about the ‘problem’ of ‘gender-biased’ urinals. This isn’t a ‘problem’ for anyone other than a few ideologues. Are we going to start changing bathroom appliances now for political reasons as well?”

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