Additional Bills of Interest to the Family

In addition to the bills we have been emphasizing this legislative session (more info here), these are some of the bills we have been tracking because they also affect the family.

Marriage Laws
At least seven bills address revising marriage laws following the Supreme Court’s “Same Sex Marriage” ruling, but only Senator West’s SB 5 has advanced past a committee hearing. It passed the Senate 30-8 on February 18 and is awaiting a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee. The other marriage bills are all House bills (HB 14, HB 17, HB 28, HB 31, HB 211, and HB 258) and are all currently stalled in the House Judiciary Committee as well.

In addition:

HB 571 Rep. Joe Fischer (R-Fort Thomas) Constitutional amendment establishing matrimony

HB 572 Rep. Joe Fischer (R-Fort Thomas) Outlines the criteria for matrimony and for marriage


Pro-life (ALL pro life bills are being stalled in the House Health and Welfare Committee)

HB 61 Rep. L. Bechler (R-Marion) similar to SB 7

HB 481 Rep. T. Moore (R-Elizabethtown) Creates cause of action against abortion providers who do not give proper informed consent – Extends statute of limitations to 20 years.

HB 482 Rep. D. Butler (R-Louisville) requires more comprehensive adoption information be made available prior to abortion.


Free Speech/ Religious Freedom In Schools (ALL these bills are being stalled in the House Education Committee)

Note: (SB 15 Student Free Speech and Religious Liberty includes essentials of SB106 and HB 145 and more comprehensively protects students’ liberties.)

SB 106 Sen. B. Smith (R-Hazard) Allows public schools to sponsor artistic or theatrical programs that advance awareness of our cultural and religious heritage.

HB 145 Rep. R. Meeks (D-Louisville) limits post secondary schools’ infringement on free speech.

HB 386 Rep. S. Miles (R-Owensboro) Allows an inspirational message to be given in schools.


School Choice

SB 44 Sen. R. Alvarado (R-Winchester) Creates tax credits for scholarships given through scholarship granting organizations for non-public (religious or secular) schools.
Companion bill HB 336 Rep. T. Thompson (D-Owensboro)

HB 76 Rep. S. Lee (R-Lexington) allows private school students to participate in public school extra-curricular programs if not offered by their private school.
Companion bill SB 243 Sen. W. Westerfield (R-Hopkinsville)

SB 253 Sen. M.Wilson (R-Bowling Green) Establishes criteria and pilot program for public charter schools.
Companion bill HB 589 Rep. B. Montell (R-Shelbyville)


Common Core

SB 1 Sen. M. Wilson (R-Bowling Green) Makes changes to testing and reporting requirements and other elements of Common Core.

SB 210 Sen. J. Schickel (R-Union) Companion bill HB 553 Rep. L. Bechler (R-Marion) prohibits the implementation of Common Core.



SB 278 Sen. R. Webb (D-Grayson) Allows public schools to teach the Bible as a literature course.

SB 192 Sen. J.Carpenter (R-Berea) Requires civics test prior to High School graduation.  Questions to come from test given by US Citizenship and Immigration services.

HB 21 Rep. K. Bratcher (R-Louisville) Posting Historical Documents in classrooms

HB 99 Rep. M. Denham (D-Maysville) Posting Historical Documents in classrooms

HB 534 Rep W. Coursey (D-Symsonia) Requires Pledge of Allegiance to be recited in schools-allows students to refrain-void if court removes phrase “under God”.

Bullying: HB 316, SB142 and SB 228 all enhance current bullying laws

SB 75 Sen. D. Seum (R-Fairdale) Freezes tuition increases for public colleges for 4 years, establishes criteria for future increases.

HB 72 Rep. B. Montell (R-Shelbyville) Creates tax deduction for qualified tuition programs for higher education.


Human Trafficking

HB 465 Rep. M. Marzian (D-Louisville) Requires Dept. of Trans. to post information about victim hotlines in KY rest stop restrooms.



SB 37 Sen. J. Bowen (R-Owensboro) Prohibits minors from transmitting nude images of themselves, prohibits possession of nude image of a minor.

HB 110 Rep. J. Jenkins (D-Louisville) Prohibits transmitting sexually explicit images without consent.


Working families

HB 18 Rep. J. Jenkins (D-Louisville) Makes provisions for pregnant and nursing mothers in the workplace.

HB 475 Rep. R. Smart (D-Richmond) Allows parents to request background checks on in-home child care workers.


Caring for vulnerable citizens

SB 101 Sen. A. Kerr (R-Lexington) Responsible Payday Lending Act – limits usury amounts.

SB 225 Sen. B. Smith (R-Hazard) An act to prevent homelessness.
Companion Bill HB 476 Rep. L. Belcher (D-Shepherdsville)

HB 97 Rep. T. Burch (D-Louisville) Infant’s Safe Haven Act-Extends time unharmed infants can be dropped off from 3 to 30 days. Combined with HB75 Rep. D. Mayfield (R-Winchester) Amends current law to include participating churches as drop off sites.



HB 62 Rep. J. Shell (R-Lancaster) Requires drug testing prior to receiving public assistance

HB 63 Rep. J. Shell (R-Lancaster) Welfare to work – incentivizes welfare system

SB 85 Sen. T. Buford (R-Nicholasville)/HB 578 Rep R. Webber (R-Shepherdsville) Establishes/regulates certified professional midwives

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