Public Decency


At The Family Foundation, we believe that strong public decency standards contribute to healthier families and safer communities. In 2003, we found that most communities across the state were vulnerable to Sexually Oriented Businesses (SOBs) because they had no regulations. We began helping them to enact ordinances that limit encroachment by strip clubs, pornographic stores and triple X theatres.

When SOBs relocate to a community, there is often a corresponding increase in crime and prostitution while property values decline. These are things that no community wants. The courts have ruled that a blanket ban on adult businesses is illegal. But communities can pass strong regulations that promote their health, safety and welfare. They can regulate hours of operation, keep out minors, impose licensing and inspection, and ban total nudity in strip clubs.

Now, 117 of Kentucky’s 120 counties have enacted strong comprehensive laws that promote public decency by restricting SOBs. Because of this effort, Kentucky is a better and safer place for families.

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