Choose Life License Plates


201305 Choose Life Plate CIT pg 7Choose Life plates are now available at all county clerk offices in Kentucky. Go ahead, get one for your car and drive with the CHOOSE LIFE encouragement all over town! You’ll be making a stand for life and for compassionate life-serving intervention because pregnancy care centers receive 100% of the money that you donate above the actual cost of your license plate!

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Have you ever seen a yellow Kentucky license plate while traveling through the Commonwealth?  Written in a child’s scrawl, the bright yellow plates depicting the faces of two children above the caption “Choose Life” stand out on Kentucky’s highways. But the message conveyed by these plates – more profound than their eye-catching flare – speaks to one of the greatest issues of our day: the sanctity of human life.  And in this seventh year of the plate’s availability, Kentuckians have emphasized the issue’s importance by contributing $35,260.81.

In 2005, the Kentucky legislature created an option for specialty plates to give various organizations an opportunity to spread their message. The Family Foundation was designated as the organization to serve the state’s network of pregnancy care centers (PCCs).  In 2006, legislators made provision for a voluntary $10 donation above the cost of the plate to be earmarked for local PCCs.

In the 2006-2007 fiscal year a total of $5,850.78 was given.  That number rose more than 400 percent in the 2007-2008 fiscal year when $28,942.00 was received, reflecting the normal start-up jump.  Since then, 2008-2009 gifts totaled $37,448.06; 2009-2010 gifts totaled $40,041.74; 2010-2011 gifts totaled $40,316.23; and 2011-2012 gifts totaled $36,207.00 – the first decline in giving. This year’s total declined further to $35,260.81 . . . but every bit of it helps a mother in need AND her child.

The initial cost of the specialty plate for a citizen is $44.00. Of that, a $10 donation is earmarked for the pregnancy center that serves the driver’s county. In the ensuing years (renewal years), the cost for the plate is only $31.00, again with $10 going to the pregnancy care center.  One hundred percent of the funds donated are distributed to the PCCs by The Family Foundation, which itself contributes the cost of the annual audit as well as the administrative and distribution expenses.



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