NEWS 9/12/13

Group calls Governor’s action “crisis in educational legitimacy”

LEXINGTON, KY—”This creates a crisis of educational legitimacy,” said a spokesman for The Family Foundation after Gov. Steve Beshear said he was going to ignore the decision of a legislative panel that voted down controversial new state science standards on Wednesday.

“The Governor has basically told parents to take a hike,” said Martin Cothran. “We told the committee that the approval process for these standards was a sham and now the Governor has proven our point.” The Kentucky Department of Education had not made a single change to the standards in response to criticism, Cothran had told the committee. “If there is any doubt that the approval process for education standards is a joke, the Governor has dispelled it.”

Cothran said that there has only been ragtag opposition to the standards up to this point. “What was ripple could now turn into a tsunami,” said Cothran.

The Family Foundation opposed the standards because they lack an emphasis on basic science knowledge about nature while overemphasizing climate change and other trendy science topics.


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