PRESS RELEASE: Group calls on AG Beshear to do his job or give it up

LEXINGTON, KY–An advocacy group supportive of two prolife bills recently passed by the Kentucky General Assembly assailed the state’s attorney general for announcing that he will not defend one of the bills, Senate Bill 6, from legal challenges, and called on the AG to resign if he is not going to do his job.
“This is what we call the Jack Conway Syndrome,” said Martin Cothran, senior policy analyst for the Family Foundation: “when an official elected to defend our laws decides that he doesn’t want to. “
“If Andy Beshear is not going to do his job, then he needs to go find something else to do.”
Cothran said that he expected Attorney General Beshear’s action to be even less popular than the decision by Conway, his predecessor in the office who lost a gubernatorial election he was expected to win, when Conway announced he would not defend the state’s marriage law in court.
“There is even more support for prolife legislation than there is for traditional marriage in our state,” said Cothran. “This decision will endear Beshear to voters even less than Conway’s action.”
“The Attorney General was not elected to decide which laws he agreed with. He was elected to defend the laws passed by elected lawmakers. That’s his job: to defend our laws. To say that he’s decided not to do it should disqualify him from the position.”
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