PRESS RELEASE: Commission needs to examine its priorities

LEXINGTON, KY – The Family Foundation today questioned the ruling of the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission which reprimanded a Fayette County family court judge for delaying divorces in which there were children involved. “We thought family courts were there, for among other reasons, to help children,” said Martin Cothran, spokesman for the group. “Why is a judicial oversight body reprimanding a judge for doing just that?”
The Commission’s basis for the reprimand was that Fayette Family Court Judge Tim Philpot wasn’t performing his duties “fairly and impartially” because he required special hearings for those with children and not for those without them.
“Judge Philpot must think he’s a character in Kafka’s The Trial, the surreal story of a man subject to charges that are completely absurd,” said Cothran. “Being ‘fair and impartial’ does not mean our legal system must completely ignore the different circumstances involved in different cases. In fact, it does it all the time. That’s what it’s supposed to do. Why in this one case – where the lives of children are at stake – is the Commission swooping in to rap the knuckles of a judge doing his job?”
The Family Foundation has lobbied in Frankfort for waiting periods in divorces that involve children.
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